A little Q & A.

What is SEO?

In a nutshell, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) explains the process of gaining traffic from the search results on search engines, such as Google. However, today’s SEO encompasses a great deal of large and small factors. Because “search” is something that everyone uses, it is crucial that a search engine returns the most relevant search results for each query.

User data is tracked across the internet, and, as a result, search engine algorithms combine and parse this information to serve up the best results for its search users. Even after the results have been served, search engines track whether or not the user benefited from the results, based on metrics such as user engagement, time spent on the site, and the number of pages visited. A website or page that does not engage the user will eventually move out of the results for that specific query and be considered less relevant.

More recent developments in SEO include in-depth tracking of data usage on websites. All of this data, such as where the traffic comes from, who is visiting, how many links point to it, the relevance of the links to the content, and who is linking to the website, is combined to score the website’s authority in the niche.

Bottom line: search engines see and track everything, and we will make sure you will Be Found.

Why is it so important?

SEO makes your website easier for users and search engine robots to find, understand, and interact with. This process helps search engines figure out each web page’s contents, as well as its usefulness for users.

How does a strong SEO strategy grow my business?

In today’s business climate, the main aspect of your marketing strategy must be online for several reasons.

First, SEO levels the playing field significantly for all businesses and websites.

Next, the results are trackable. For instance, you will never know exactly how many eyeballs saw a billboard in a given month.

Online marketing extends your brand’s reach in new ways and allows you to target your ideal client more quickly.

Further, SEO gives you a 24/7 sales person that works for you even when you are off the clock.

SEO also can supply warm leads, thus giving your existing sales force the opportunity to be more successful.

Another perk is that it allows you to weed out potential clients who may not be your dream clients.

Ultimately, utilizing SEO as a large part of your marketing strategy will give you the opportunity to position your brand as an authority in your niche.

Why Surchability?

We only specialize in a handful of very specific skills, but we are exceptional at those skills.

We are so good at what we do that our main clients are actually other marketing agencies across the country who trust us to help their clients win online.

We have the ability to explain complex theory and strategy in a way that businesses will clearly understand. Essentially, we’re very good at translating nerd to non-nerd.

Surchability Commitment?

Surchability will present you with the most out-of-the-box, cutting edge strategies available. You will be working with people who are obsessed with knowing what Google will be doing months ahead of time and, if possible, care more about your company’s success online than you do.

We’ve been told that we are very talented at coming alongside existing marketing departments, finding out where we can help, and jumping in as quickly as possible behind the scenes. We couldn’t care less if we are in the limelight. Our goal is to make you and your marketing department stand out.