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How We Consistently Achieve Over 1000% ROI for an Addiction Treatment Center - With No Increase to Monthly Budget

Chad DeBolt

Chad DeBolt

Chad DeBolt is the personality behind and founder of Surchability. He’s been heavily involved with online marketing, specifically SEO, for 16 years.

Organic ROI - YTD

If you like absolutely INSANE ROI on your marketing spend and also enjoy knowing exactly what your marketing spend will be each month – SEO is the marketing channel for you.

The above chart is a snapshot of a long-term addiction treatment client’s ROI from organic SEO.

You will notice the monthly spend with us never fluctuates, but their ROI increases.

You will also notice that the actual ROI is absolutely insane.

I don’t know any business that wouldn’t spend $15k to make $350k.

SEO is the only marketing channel that gets more valuable the longer you do it…all while keeping your spending exactly the same each month.

It’s like compound interest in organic traffic awesomeness.

  • Want to increase your brand reach with paid ads
    • You have to increase ad spend.
  • Want to reach a new sub-market with paid ads?
    • You have to increase ad spend.
  • What happens when a competitor decides to up their paid ad game?
    • You have to increase ad spend.

Unlike paid ads, where more reach equals more spending, SEO’s value compounds over time while your investment remains unchanged.

If you’re wondering why SEO generates higher ROI than paid ads, let me explain.

Imagine two customers walking into your store.

The first customer stumbles in, lured by a flashy sign outside.

They wander around, not particularly interested in anything.

They might buy something, they might not.

Now, picture the second customer. This one walked in with purpose, searching for something specific they believe you have.

They’re keen, they’re focused, and they’re ready to buy.

Organic visitors that come in through SEO efforts are like the second customer.

They aren’t window shopping.

They have a specific need or problem, and they’re on your site because they believe you just might have the solution they’re looking for.

This is why SEO generates higher ROI than paid ads.

Let’s Talk Numbers!

Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rates

Here are some new and interesting statistics from our friends at First Page Sage.

  • The top three organic search results account for more than two-thirds (68.7%) of all clicks on the Google Search page.
  • The average CTR for PPC is only around 2%.
  • On average, the #1 organic search result receives 19 times more clicks than the top paid search result.

This shows that organic search results attract substantially more clicks than paid search results.

Let’s Talk Numbers!

Simply because people tend to trust and engage more with organic results.

Now, let’s take a look at conversion rates.

Average Conversion rate

  • The average conversion rate for SEO across all industries is 2.4%, while for PPC, it’s 1.3%.
  • In specific industries like addiction treatment, the average conversion rate for SEO is 2.1%, while for PPC, it’s 1.1%.

SEO has proven time and time again that it’s more effective than PPC in generating conversions.

However, it’s important to note that high CTRs don’t automatically guarantee better conversion rates.

You need to have a great landing page, relevant content, and an effective call-to-action if you want your visitors to convert – and that’s just a few of the things we do.


Playing Nice With Google

According to Forbes Advisor, organic clicks accounted for 45.1% of all search result clicks in 2022, indicating consumers are more likely to trust organic search results than paid ads.

Forbes click-through rate

When someone wants to investigate their symptoms, find the best treatment for their diagnosis, or find a treatment center nearby, they first use a search engine like Google.

It’s estimated that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

With numbers like that, it’s no surprise that organic search generates 40% of overall revenue for most businesses.

But for your business to gain such impressive ROIs, you must first rank high in Google’s SERPs to pull in that organic traffic.

As I mentioned earlier; the majority of clicks go to the top positions on the first page of Google, and lower-ranked pages see a sharp decline in attention and traffic.

Since high rankings increase confidence and trust and lead to a higher conversion rate, that’s just what we did.

We played nice with Google and implemented our Google Concierge Strategy for our client.

They were beyond happy with the results.

However, maintaining this coveted spot on Google’s SERPs is an ongoing effort.

Google’s algorithms frequently change, and the competition just keeps growing.

So to make sure our client stayed on top, we kept devising new strategies to increase their organic traffic.

And on came our next strategy.

Optimizing Content

We improved their organic traffic and value through Content Optimization.

We increased their organic traffic by 100% and their organic traffic value by 538% in one year without any additional content or backlinks.

We were able to accomplish those results by leveraging our custom strategies like The Voltron Technique.

Optimizing Content

Here’s a case study that shows just how we did it.

The takeaway? Organic search doesn’t just capture more attention; it captures the right attention, leading to more meaningful interactions and conversions.

Unlike some marketing strategies that offer quick but fleeting results, the effects of solid SEO and engaging content are like a good wine – they get better with time.

You don’t need to raise your budget as your visibility and organic traffic continue to rise.

This isn’t just a one-time traffic spike; it’s sustained growth, and with it comes an ever-increasing ROI.

In the long run, this makes SEO not just effective but incredibly cost-efficient.

You’re not just generating traffic; you’re cultivating a steadily growing audience that finds real value in what you offer.

So, investing in organic traffic isn’t just a smart strategy; it’s a long-term investment.

It’s like planting a tree that will bear fruit year after year.

And who wouldn’t want that?


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