Review Monitoring

Customers search for local businesses by reading reviews. And 72% of consumers say they trust an online review as much as a personal referral. Most of the time, potential clients bypass any company that doesn’t have at least a four-star review average…even if that company has the best product or service.

It’s essential to be generating positive reviews and managing poor ones. Our proven reputation marketing system monitors the internet for any structured or unstructured mention of your brand and key employees. In a timely manner, we reply to each from a list of pre-approved responses. At the end of the month, you get a complete report.

Review Generation

90% of consumers say positive reviews influence their buying decisions. But good reviews can be hard to get—even when your customers are happy. Reaching out to customers, making the requests, and directing them to the proper sites where they can write reviews can all be a hassle. Our strategic review generation approach enables you to gather reviews from your customer base in the fastest and easiest way possible. Our system allows us to generate, track, and share reviews, as well as specify which go public or stay private, giving you an added level of control.


Competitive Benchmarking

It’s not as easy as it used to be to keep track of what your toughest competitors are doing. The dynamics of online marketing have changed the game, allowing businesses to establish a presence in many locations across the internet. Imagine if you had the power to closely monitor what your competition was doing and see how you compared?

Competition benchmarking allows you to do just that. We follow up to five of your competitors across social media platforms, tracking how often they appear for specific keywords compared to you, discovering trends in their strategies, comparing reach and audience share, and more. This service is designed to give you the competitive edge.