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How We Boosted a 23-Location Outpatient Addiction Treatment Provider’s Organic Traffic by 775% and Organic Leads by 241% in Just One Year

Chad DeBolt

Chad DeBolt

Chad DeBolt is the personality behind and founder of Surchability. He’s been heavily involved with online marketing, specifically SEO, for 16 years.


Our client was new to the outpatient addiction treatment market and motivated to transform the way addiction treatment was practiced in the United States.

Their goal was not just to reach a wide audience but to make a significant impact within the specific regions where their facilities were situated.

In just a year of working together, we helped our client achieve:

  • 775% increase in organic traffic.

Organic Traffic

  • 575% increase in organic keywords.

Organic Keywords

In five months, we achieved:

  • 73% increase in organic search users.
  • 74% increase in organic search new users.
  • 72% increase in organic search sessions.
  • 98% increase in organic search conversion rate.
  • 241% increase in organic search goal completions (Leads).


Performance Chart


Allow me to explain the steps we took to accomplish these results.

Our collaboration with the client began at an early stage of their development, thanks to a referral from a previous client in the addiction treatment sector.

Initially, they planned to follow the industry standard: secure LegitScript certification and prioritize paid advertising as the chief method for generating new leads, with SEO and content marketing playing supporting roles.

At this point, the initial version of their website had already been developed using a drag-and-drop website builder.

Unfortunately, the site was deficient in content and solid backend architecture, severely limiting everyone in what they could accomplish.

Confronted with these limitations, we opted against a full website overhaul.

Instead, we chose to push the existing site to its fullest potential.

The aspect we identified as within our control—and ripe for optimization—was content.

We were ready to make significant improvements by implementing a content strategy that had previously proven to be incredibly effective.

The Google Concierge Strategy

The Google Concierge Strategy revolves around optimizing a website’s content to become the primary resource that Google turns to for specific topics.

It’s about aligning with Google’s goal to provide the most accurate and helpful content as quickly as possible.

(Check out our detailed case study of our Google Concierge Strategy for more details.)

Our job was to develop content on our clients’ websites so that they could become Google’s go-to resource for topics that were important to our clients.

This strategy involved three key steps:

  1. Technical and content audit
  2. Asset creation
  3. Promotion

Even though the website’s platform initially made it impossible to fully apply the Google Concierge Strategy (especially the use of advanced schema), we were able to do enough to show that the strategy worked and earn the client’s continued confidence.

With the content strategy gaining momentum, our focus shifted to optimizing the client’s Google My Business profiles and enhancing their physical locations’ online presence.

The Join or Die Method

This required the implementation of our Join or Die method.

This strategy works wonders for businesses that have multiple physical locations.

(Check out our detailed case study of our Join or Die method for more details.)

The primary concept behind this method is that all location entities must work together as a collective unit rather than as individuals.

Working together as a team increases metrics like:

  • Trust
  • Authority
  • Traffic
  • Engagement

This means that if one location wins, it benefits all the other locations as well.

As a result of this method, Google My Business profiles rank for your top keywords within a massive square-mile radius.

Google Maps Grid

By this point, the client had seen significant value and was ready to revamp their website and incorporate SEO/Content Marketing into the marketing mix.

This allowed us to execute strategies like advanced schema as well as drastically improve site speed and performance.

The results we were producing also allowed the client to be more open to our more “out of the box” suggestions.

Like utilizing Quora…

Quora - The Land of Free Targeted Traffic

Quora.com is essentially a vast forum where people pose questions and experts share answers.

To utilize Quora effectively for our clients, we strategically selected and answered questions.

Not all Quora questions are created equal.

You should only answer questions that are topically relevant to you.

Just answering questions within Quora probably won’t light the world on fire in regards to driving traffic to your website.

That’s why you need to find questions on Quora that are ranking on the first page of Google and have a high search volume.

In addition to that, you also need to provide the best possible answers to these questions.

Quora to Blog

You accomplish this by writing mini blog posts that include infographics, videos, and other media (where applicable), but most importantly, you provide them with the right answer in the most concise manner possible.

You then include a no-pressure call to action to visit your topically relevant blog article for additional information.

Typically, 10% of people who view your Quora answer will visit your website; therefore, it’s critical to target topics/questions with high search volume and a Quora page that is already ranking on the first page of Google.

The good news is that there is usually more than one Quora question that meets this criterion for each of your blog posts.

This strategy generates continuous, passive traffic every month, far outlasting the initial effort of responding to key questions.

Q Experiment

Embracing our strategies led our client to reduce PPC and LegitScript expenses significantly, thanks to a surge in leads from organic search and Google My Business.

As they continued to expand, each new location quickly gained authority in its area, benefiting from being part of a robust online marketing ecosystem.

Are you ready to be our next success story?

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  • Believe in our process.
  • Willing to invest in your success.
  • Prepared for an increase in leads with an effective sales process and qualified staff.

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