Case Study

Peace Out Pay Per Click Costs!

February 1, 2022

Learn how a 23 location outpatient addiction treatment provider was able to quit wasting money on PPC and LegitScript costs by becoming the king in their category.

What do you get when a client has the desire to be the king of their category and has totally bought into the Surchability strategies and philosophy?

In just 1 year:

  • 775% increase in organic traffic
  • 575% increase in organic keywords

Organic Traffic

Organic Keywords

In just 5 months:

  • 73% increase in organic search users
  • 74% increase in organic search new users
  • 72% increase in organic search sessions
  • 98% increase in organic search conversion rate
  • 241% increase in organic search goal completions (Leads)




This client was brand new to the outpatient addiction treatment space and was determined to change the way addiction treatment was practiced in the US. They needed to get their unique message out to the masses, and more specifically into the geographic areas where their offices were physically located.

Their initial plan was to basically do what everybody in addiction treatment does – get LegitScript certified and jump straight into paid ads. That was going to be their main driver of new leads, with SEO and content marketing playing a less significant role.

Surchability was brought in fairly early into the company’s existence via referral from another addiction treatment client.

The first version of their website was already built out using a drag and drop website builder, but was severely lacking in content, sound backend architecture and overall just really limited everyone in what they were able to do.

Grim Reaper

We decided instead of being the grim reaper and telling the client that they needed a complete website rebuild that we would just take the first website as far as we could go.

The one thing we COULD control was content and we knew we already had a strategy that works like gangbusters when it comes to content.

Google Concierge Strategy

If you would like to nerd out on the inner workings of how we produce content for clients, feel free to check out our in depth case study of our Google Concierge Strategy.

For the sake of this case study, let me be like Inigo Montoya and “sum up” the key points of the strategy.

Let me Explain

The main concept of the Google Concierge Strategy is that you are able to get what you want (increased rankings, organic exposure, etc) just by helping Google get what it wants.

All Google wants to do is produce the most accurate, insightful and helpful content as fast as possible. It would much rather go to one specific website for quality content vs searching the billion other options across the internet (think of sites like Wikipedia for example).

Our job is to create content on our clients’ websites so they become THE resource for Google – on topics that are important to our clients.

We do that by executing these 3 steps:

  1. Technical and Content Audit
  2. Asset Creation
  3. Promotion

Now we weren’t able to deploy every element of the Google Concierge Strategy, like advanced schema, due to the restrictions of the platform the website was built on at the time – BUT we WERE able to do enough to show that it works and get further buy-in from the client.

Once we had our content strategy progressing we turned our attention to their physical locations – specifically their Google My Business profiles.

Once again, we already had a strategy for this that we knew would work.

The Join or Die Method

Join or Die Method - Image 3

If you would like to find out if Ben Franklin actually created the first meme in history OR learn why this strategy works so well – make sure you check out our in depth case study that explains The Join or Die Method in more detail.

The Join or Die Method works wonders for businesses that have multiple physical locations. In fact, the more locations the better.

The overall concept of the strategy is that all location entities need to work together as a collective unit – not as individuals.

Working together as a team, increases metrics like:

  • Trust
  • Authority
  • Traffic
  • Engagement

Meaning, if one location is winning, it helps all the other locations as well.

The result of this strategy is Google My Business profiles ranking for your top keywords within a massive square mile radius.

Google Maps Grid

By this time, the client saw massive value and was ready to rebuild their website and have SEO/Content Marketing play a bigger role in the marketing mix.

This allowed us to execute strategies like advanced schema as well as drastically improve site speed and performance.

The results we were producing also allowed the client to be more open to our more “out of the box” suggestions…

Quora - The Land of Free Targeted Traffic

Quora Logo

If you aren’t familiar with, it’s a website where people ask questions on a myriad of topics and people answer them.

Pretty straight forward.

So how do we leverage that for clients? Well, we answer questions – but not randomly and not every question.

We will have a tutorial on this strategy soon but the short version is this….

Not all Quora questions are created equal. Obviously you only want to answer questions that are topically relevant to you but just answering questions within Quora probably won’t light the world on fire in regards to driving traffic to your website.

You need to find questions on Quora that are actually ranking on the first page of Google and that have some sort of significant search volume. Think of it as hijacking a first page ranking via Quora.

Quora to Blog

Now the trick is to also have the best answer out of all the options.

You do this by basically writing a mini blog post, including infographics, videos, etc. (where applicable) but most importantly, you give them the exact answer they are looking for in the most concise way possible. You then add in a no pressure call to action to visit your topically relevant blog post for more information.

Typically, 10% of people who view your Quora answer will visit your website – that’s why it’s important to only target topics/questions that have search volume and that have the Quora page already ranking on the first page of Google.

The great thing is there is usually more than one Quora question that fits this criteria for each one of your blog posts.

This leads to passive monthly traffic that comes in each and every month, well after the hour or so it takes to respond to all relevant questions.

Q Experiment


The reward for this client taking us on, believing in our strategies and philosophy is being able to completely cut out all PPC spending and the wasteful LegitScripts costs because they are generating more than enough leads from organic and Google My Business.

A secondary benefit is as they continue to expand across the country, each new location will almost immediately be authoritative in their geographic area because they are a part of a juggernaut of a website that has an incredible online marketing system behind it.

Invitation To Become Our Next Case Study

If you are interested in generating these kinds of results for your business or saying “see ya wouldn’t want to be ya” to your PPC costs, please feel free to contact us and schedule an informal call.

Surchability isn’t for everyone. You need to:

  • Be already running an established business
  • Believe in the process and the Surchability philosophy
  • Be willing to invest in your success (we aren’t the cheapest)
  • Be prepared for an increase in leads with an effective sales process and qualified staff