Our Analysis Answers 3 Key Questions

  1. How Many Leads Should You Get Monthly?

    Clear visibility into monthly search engine traffic, leads, and new visitors.

  2. How Many Leads Do Your Competitors Get?

    Check your competitor’s keyword performance.

  3. My Total Addressable Market?

    Projecting market size using search engine data.

Our Clients Get More Patients and Customers From Search

We are not here to bill you for busy work or waste your time. We are here to help you generate more leads, turn those leads into paying customers, and increase your trust so those customers stay for life. But don’t take our word for it, we’ll let the results speak for themselves.

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Why Do We Need To Have A Call?

Our professionals analyze 50% of the lead projection analysis results manually and 50% automatically using proprietary tools. It requires more website, history, and goal information to run correctly.

What Will We Cover On The Call?

This brief conversation will assess your current and prior digital activities. This will help us finish your analysis accurately.

What Will I Receive After The Call?

Your analysis will show how much traffic and leads your website will generate in the next year based on three possibilities.

How Accurate Is This Analysis?

Traffic counts are unpredictable because Google’s algorithm changes frequently. Remember that these are data-driven mathematical forecasts.

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